What is Vintage


Vintage think of a beautiful old, original and a used item that comes from a certain period such as the 60s. With vintage furniture we think of the beautiful vintage table, vintage cabinet, vintage chair or a beautiful old vintage children's school desk.

You already notice that real vintage is not easy to come by and that a vintage interior has to grow because you always come across nice original vintage tables, or a special vintage cabinet. A vintage interior therefore requires a lot of patience, and often also money. Because it is original furniture, the price is higher the older or more unique the piece of furniture is. It is obvious that there are fewer and fewer of real vintage tables or a vintage design lamp. Utensils break, are thrown away or indiscriminately repainted or carpentered. But vintage interiors remain as popular as ever. How do you take care of a vintage interior yourself?

You can make your interior more vintage little by little, by providing a mix of furniture: your existing furniture with, for example, one or two vintage tables, or a vintage chair. Make sure you don't just buy a vintage item, but furniture or decoration that really suits your taste and fits your dream vintage interior. If you buy something haphazardly because it is vintage, you will end up with a messy interior and your furniture will not look nice. Do you want a real eye catcher in your vintage interior? Then buy at least one vintage design piece of furniture, such as a design chair or sideboard. These are often a bit more pricey, so you can collect the other vintage furniture together by browsing flea markets, vintage shops, the internet and marketplace. Also look at small markets abroad when you are on holiday, you will often find the most beautiful things there.

The nice thing about vintage interiors is that you can really make it your hobby. Collecting nice vintage furniture becomes a game in itself – you browse markets, come across bargains on the internet or just get a unique lamp from an acquaintance. In this way you can spend your life working on your vintage interior, and thus make your interior more and more unique. You can replace your own furniture little by little, but you can also replace your already purchased vintage furniture for other vintage furniture, if they are more beautiful or unique. Choose a style or a period in which the furniture and design go well together, and be critical in your own style and taste. This way you will have a great vintage interior in no time, completely in your own style!

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